Roulette Bot Pro Frequently Asked Questions


Do you guarantee I will make money?
No! I do not guarantee you will make money because it depends on too many variables. Even with good settings you may lose once in a while. Do not buy this program if you are expecting to make $1000 every night. Be realistic. Sometimes you will win, and sometimes you will lose. When you lose that does not mean the program does not work! The program will do exactly what you program it to do. Any roulette bot that guarantees you will make money every time you use it is lying.

Can you tell me what the best settings are to make the most money?
No! Do not email me asking "What are the best winning settings?" or anything like that. I will not answer such emails.  If I gave you any settings and you win all is great. If I gave you settings and you lose you will think I am a scammer. You have to find out what works best for you.

Can I get an extension on my trial period?
No! Three days is more than enough for you to try and see if you like the program. No exceptions so do not even ask for an extension!

Can I use Roulette Bot Pro on more than one computer?
Yes! When you purchase Roulette Bot Pro you are entitled to two activated working copies of Roulette Bot Pro. (Using the same activation key) If you install it on more than 2 computers it will become disabled. There will be a $10 reactivation fee if you want your program activated again.

Will Roulette Bot Pro work for US players?
Yes! Click on the casinos tab of the website or Roulette Bot Pro for a full listing of all casinos Roulette Bot Pro works at for US players.

I tried to configure a new casino but I keep getting errors, what is happening?
You can only configure casinos under the Configure Casinos tab that are listed in the casino platform pull down menu on a single zero roulette table. If you are playing at other casinos that are listed in the casino pull down menu on the main tab then they have already been programmed into Roulette Bot Pro. Those casinos do not need to be configured. If you are playing at a casino that is not programmed into Roulette Bot Pro you must use the manual no config mode.  For further instructions on how to configure specific casino platform watch the instructional videos under the setup tab.

In play money mode it spins very fast but in real money mode it is slower why is that?
Play money mode will produce high spins per minute because the casino software does not connect to the casino`s server through the internet. While playing in real money mode the casino software connects through the internet to the casino`s server and your spins per minutes will be slower than in play money mode. This can not be changed because it has to do with how good your internet connection to that casino is. You can try and reboot your computer, or try a different casino to increase the spins per minute. The speed has nothing to do with Roulette Bot Pro.

What operating systems does Roulette Bot Pro work on?
Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP only. Roulette Bot Pro does not work on a Mac.

What casinos will Roulette Bot Pro work on?
Roulette Bot Pro will work at the following casinos platforms: Playtech RNG and Playtech Live, Micro Gaming, Vegas Technologies, RealTime Gaming, Betvoyager.com, Dublinbet.com, Smartlivecasino.com, Dealplaywin.com, and 888.com.

Roulette Bot Pro is not capturing the same numbers as the casino why is that?
You must have your computer color settings set to 32 bit while configuring all casinos and while running the
program for it to work properly, otherwise you may get errors. It may run but it will not capture the numbers
correctly and will cause you to lose money. You can delete that casino profile then reconfigure it while having you computer set to 32 bit color.

The Program does not fit inside the program window, what is wrong?
This happens when your DPI is not set at 96 DPI. To set your DPI to 96 do the following: For Windows 7 right click on the desktop and select personalize, then select display, then select set custom text size (DPI), then select 96 DPI. For Window Vista right click on your desktop and select personalize, then select adjust font size (DPI), then select 96. For Windows XP right click on the desktop and select properties, then select the settings tab, then select advanced, then select 96 DPI.

Is Roulette Bot Pro legal?
I am not a lawyer so I can not answer.  You have to do your own due diligence and check with the casino you want to play at and check their terms of service. I can say that I personally have never been banned or had a withdraw request denied at a casino I used Roulette Bot Pro at.  I also have never had any customer email me telling me they have not been banned or a withdraw request denied.

I found a bug in the software, what do I do?
If you find any bugs please tell me about them using the contact us link at the top of this page.

I have an feature I would like implemented in your next version.
If you have a feature you would like implemented in the next version tell me about it using the contact us link at the top of this page.

If you want to send me a video testimonial please make sure it is at (640X480) or (1280X720) resolution.


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